Teak Protection & Teak Sealer

Perfect For Marine Teak & Teak Furniture

We offer 3 distinct wood protection products that protect and enhance all types of wood.

  • TeakRenu is a water-based teak wood treatment and wood finish that is tinted and designed to protect and beautify teak. It provides extraordinary UV protection that will not crack, peel or yellow; and suppresses the dulling and graying that occurs when teak is exposed to sunlight and rain. It's a perfect product for long term protection for teak furniture and marine teak exposed to excessive sunlight. Waterproofing properties also seal the surface from stains and damage caused by oil, grease and liquids. The teak coating also provides mildewcides that prevent the growth of mold, mildew and algae. After application, it provides a long lasting appearance of freshly oiled teak on furniture, veneers, marine craft and more.

    Unlike solvent-based coatings, TeakRenu will not appear milky when applied to slightly damp surfaces. TeakRenu is used by experts, but is easy to apply for everyone. It's as simple as evenly painting the designated area. Our products provide all the wood protection you can find in any sealer or wood stain products on the market.

  • LigPro - Wood Protection is designed to provide a protective barrier for all types of wood. Wood easily absorbs and retains moisture. LigPro was designed to protect wood, before moisture is able to cause irreversible damage. It prevents rotting off all types of wood, not just teak wood.

  • SealTuff - Wood Sealer was developed with the sole purpose of long lasting wood protection! SealTuff is a clear coating that is a multifaceted sealing and enhancement coating. It's formulated to seal and protect a wide variety of natural wood and composite wood surfaces, including all types of solid woods and common wood veneers such as teak, redwood, cherry wood, mahogany, cedar, pine and others. It provides a durable and protective penetrating finish, that enhances the wood grain and brightens the wood's natural appearance. It will provide long lasting protection and will not yellow, peel or crack. It also has built in UV inhibitors, offering protection against fading and deterioration.

All of our products deliver the aesthetics and durability in a water based Green and eco-friendly, biodegradable coating that has no fumes or odors.

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